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Short Courses and Training
EnGGen provides short courses and instrument training for new and advanced users. Short courses are typically offered as seminars consisting of lectures and hands-on training. Students or faculty interested in these courses can sign-up online using LOUIE. Instrument training is offered as one-time workshops that train new users on the 3730xl and 3130 platforms. New users that successfully complete the training workshops are then certified and allowed to use the instruments on a schedule-as-needed basis.

Short Courses

(open for graduate and undergraduate credit)

Molecular Ecology (3-week course)
This course explores the molecular genetic techniques currently used in behavioral, ecological, and evolutionary research. Techniques covered include DNA sequencing, DNA fingerprinting (e.g., AFLPs), microsatellite and microarray analyses. The molecular basis for each technique is covered with emphases on the appropriate use of genetic markers for different ecological questions.

Molecular Ecology Lab (5-week course)
This companion course introduces students to the methods and techniques used to generate genetic data for population biology research. Students will gain hands-on instruction in DNA extraction methods, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Fragment Analysis and DNA sequencing. Processing of raw data using a variety of software packages (e.g, GeneMapper, Sequencing Software) is also introduced.

Molecular Data Analysis (3-week course)
This course is intended as a follow-up to the Molecular Ecology course and focuses on the analysis of data generated by molecular markers. Students learn both the theory and application of standard population genetics and gain hands-on experience with analyzing genetic data using appropriate data processing and population genetic software.

Molecular Phylogenetics (3-week course)
This course introduces students to the theory and practice of using molecular data to reconstruct the evolutionary history of organisms. Tree building methods such as distance-based genetic clustering, maximum parismony, maximum likelihood and Bayesian approaches are discussed and students gain hands-on experience with computer software for phylogenetic data analysis.

For more information on these course and availability contact Dr. Gery Allan (Gery.Allan@nau.edu)


Instrument Training Workshops

Training on the 3730xl or 3130 is offered on a regular basis. New users are introduced to the technology and learn how to prepare and run sequencing and fragment analysis plates. For a training schedule contact Katie Mayer (Katie.Mayer@nau.edu)

Click here to view the Instrument Training Workshop (ITW) resource page.

Facility Tours

The EnGGen facility is available for tours to classes or other groups with advance notice. We ask for your cooperation in scheduling tours with the facility staff at least 24 hours in advance. For more information, please contact Dr. Gery Allan (Gery.Allan@NAU.edu)
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